Sober October: Exploring 7 Alcohol-Free Alternatives in Pinellas County, FL

As October rolls around, many people across the country are taking up the challenge of Sober October. Whether you’re participating in this alcohol-free month as a personal choice or supporting a friend or loved one on their journey to sobriety, Pinellas County is beginning to offer fantastic options for those looking for alcohol-free alternatives. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best places in Pinellas County to find alcohol-free beverages and experiences. Embrace the month with these alcohol-free experiences, and you might discover new favorites that will stay with you long after October ends.

Dunedin Hemp Company


Located in the Dunedin, Florida, Dunedin Hemp Company is an independently owned and operated hemp cafe demonstrates a deep-seated commitment to the world of hemp and botanicals. Since its inception in 2019, the business has been dedicated to sourcing and providing premium-quality hemp products within a welcoming and inclusive environment. They ensure that every product offered aligns perfectly with the unique needs of each individual. You can find a large selection of CBD & THC beverages along with a full service custom Kratom bar. Its chill vibes make it a wonderful place to hang out with friends or get some work done.

Cueni Brewing Company


Cueni Brewing Company offers an array of non-alcoholic alternatives that cater to various tastes and preferences. Among their notable offerings are Untitled Arts CBD-infused water, providing a refreshing and calming experience for those seeking a moment of relaxation. Green Canvas, another standout choice, is a THC beverage crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, perfect for those who are still looking for a slight buzz. Additionally, their Athletic NA Beers deliver a satisfying and refreshing option without compromising on taste. Cueni Brewing Company’s commitment to providing diverse and high-quality non-alcoholic options makes it a must-visit for those exploring the world of sober living.

Mangos & Marley


Known for its delectable Cuban cuisine, Mangos & Marley is a coastal cafe in Dunedin that offers a unique twist with its offering of THC-infused beverages. With a menu that reflects the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean, each dish is carefully crafted to tantalize the taste buds and evoke a sense of culinary adventure. Embracing the spirit of innovation, the establishment’s commitment to providing a dining experience resonates with those seeking to indulge in a blend of traditional Cuban flavors and the therapeutic essence of THC-infused beverages.

Dissent Craft Brewing

St Petersburg

Situated in St. Pete, Dissent Brewing Co not only provides a delightful range excellent craft beers, but also an array of non-alcoholic options for the designated drivers and those embracing a sober lifestyle. With offerings like the wide variety of Untitled Arts CBD water and NA beers, such as the Citra Session and Juicy IPA, Dissent Brewing Co ensures that everyone can partake in the camaraderie of a brewery experience. This commitment to inclusivity makes it an ideal spot for friends and communities to gather, ensuring that all can join in, relax, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere without any compromise on taste or experience.

Herban Flow

St Petersburg

Herban Flow is the areas first non-alcoholic bottle shop. I never realized just how many options were out there until I discovered this place! Visitors are invited to elevate their sipping experience with Herban Flow’s thoughtfully curated assortment of non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits. Embracing the power of plant-based elixirs, patrons are encouraged to explore a vibrant and diverse community, reflective of the array of drink options available.

Rasta Canna Bar

St Petersburg

During my recent birthday celebration, I had the pleasure of experiencing the welcoming ambiance of Rasta Canna Bar. I tried their ‘Baked Mule’ since I was always a huge fan of Ginger Beer plus added a D9 topper to it. Their genuine commitment to providing an alternative to traditional alcohol stood out, creating a space where laughter and a sense of well-being are encouraged. Rasta Canna Bar has innovatively developed a method to infuse cocktails with Delta 9, Delta 8, CBD, CBG, and CBN, enhancing the drinks with the natural benefits of these compounds. The careful addition of terpenes further enriches the experience, promising a holistic and soothing effect. At Rasta Canna Bar, guests can unwind and enjoy a moment of relaxation, enveloped in the natural essence of their skillfully infused beverages.

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Kava Culture


At Kava Culture, their mission is to provide a haven of solace amidst the chaos of contemporary urban living, offering a selection of premium, all-natural Kava and Elixirs designed to combat the everyday stressors that often accompany our fast-paced lifestyles. Rooted in the ideals of simplicity and community, the establishment aims to pay homage to the traditions of tribal ancestors, fostering an environment where the essence of connection is paramount. Through the communal practice of ‘BULA,’ patrons are invited to partake in a celebration of life, where paths converge and meaningful interactions unfold, whether in fleeting moments or enduring lifetimes. Whether engaging in profound discussions, working remotely, or indulging in leisurely board games, guests are encouraged to unwind and embrace the essence of life itself, the Kava Culture way.

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