Best Tips to Write a Creative Travel Journal + Prompts

Travel journals are not just notebooks filled with words; they are gateways to reliving our adventures, preserving cherished memories, and expressing our creativity. While traditional journaling is a wonderful way to document our travels, there are countless creative approaches that can elevate the experience to new heights. From collage-style journals bursting with colorful mementos to polaroid photo journals capturing moments in an instant, the possibilities are endless.
In this blog post, we’ll explore a diverse range of imaginative ways to create a travel journal that reflects your unique journey and leaves a lasting impression. Get ready to embark on a creative voyage as we dive into these inspiring methods that will transform your travel journal into a treasured keepsake.

Here are some creative ways to do a travel journal:

  1. Collage-style Journal: Instead of traditional written entries, create a collage-style journal using cutouts from brochures, tickets, postcards, and other ephemera collected during your travels. Arrange them on the pages along with brief captions or notes.
  2. Polaroid Photo Journal: Use a polaroid camera to capture moments during your trip and create a travel journal composed entirely of polaroid photos. Write brief descriptions or captions beneath each photo to document the experience.
  3. Doodle Journal: Incorporate doodles, hand-drawn illustrations, and sketches into your journal entries. Let your creativity flow by using different colors, styles, and textures to depict the places you visit, people you meet, and experiences you have.
  4. Travel Smash Book: Create a travel smash book by combining different elements like photos, handwritten notes, drawings, and even small mementos like pressed flowers or fabric swatches. Use decorative tape, stickers, and washi tape to embellish the pages.
  5. Interactive Journal: Add interactive elements to your journal, such as fold-out pages, pop-ups, or flip cards. Include prompts or questions that encourage readers to engage with your journal by flipping open hidden sections or responding to interactive elements.
  6. Map-based Journal: Incorporate maps into your travel journal. Highlight your route, mark the places you’ve visited, and add notes or sketches directly onto the map. This can help create a visual representation of your journey.
  7. Recipe Journal: If you’re particularly interested in the local cuisine, create a travel journal focused on food. Write down recipes you’ve tried, include photos of dishes, and document your culinary experiences by describing tastes, smells, and textures.
  8. Multimedia Journal: Combine various mediums in your travel journal, such as writing, sketches, watercolors, photographs, and even audio recordings or videos. Use QR codes or augmented reality (AR) to integrate digital content into your physical journal.
  9. Letter Writing Journal: Write letters to yourself, loved ones, or even the places you visit. Address each entry like a letter and include your thoughts, feelings, and observations. Reflect on your experiences and share personal stories.
  10. Travel Bullet Journal: Create a bullet journal specifically for travel. Use symbols, icons, and bullet points to log activities, write lists, track expenses, and create itineraries. Include sections for reflections, highlights, and goals.
  11. Haiku Journal: Write haikus to capture the essence of each location you visit. Condense your thoughts and emotions into three-line poems, focusing on the beauty and significance of your experiences.
  12. Travel Scrapbook: Combine photographs, handwritten notes, and decorative elements like washi tape, stickers, and embellishments to create a visually appealing scrapbook. Experiment with layouts, include captions, and add personal touches.

Remember, the goal of a travel journal is to capture your experiences and memories in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to you. Explore different techniques and find the ones that resonate with your creative style and preferences.

5 Travel Prompts to Get You Started

  • Write about a breathtaking underwater adventure or snorkeling experience you had.
  • Describe a local market where you sampled exotic fruits, spices, or delicacies.
  • Share a moment of serenity or tranquility you experienced in a natural setting.
  • Reflect on a local myth or legend and its impact on the culture of the region.
  • Write about a day spent exploring local gardens, parks, or botanical sanctuaries.
  • Describe a traditional craft or artisanal skill you observed or even tried yourself.

Need more inspiration? Download my list of 28 Travel Journal Prompts to Inspire you

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